Sustainable Energy


smart sustainable solutions

Our Mission

At SCube, our mission is to create awareness among youth about importance of innovation in the area of creating smart sustainable solutions for environmental pollution problems.

We use images and videos to educate middle and high schoolers about environmental challenges and potential sustainable solutions.

Solar Panels

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Our Approach

We use images and short videos to explain:

  • Environmental challenges

  • Sustainable technologies (such as solar and wind energy, and recyclable plastics)


in simple understandable format for middle and high schoolers.

Farm Fields

5 simple beliefs

1. A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture captures the attention span of a child faster than a page full of words describing the picture.

2. A picture has a better chance of making a first impression.

The human brain can process a picture faster than words.

3. A picture can convey complex concepts better than words.

Describing complex concepts in words can be tricky.

4. A picture can invoke feelings more effectively.

Visuals are more effective than spoken or written words in majority of cases.

5. A picture does not have language barriers.

Same pictures can be used universally across countries and continents.

Our Goal

Our goal is to:

create curiosity among teenagers about sustainable technologies

encourage them to explore these technologies and solutions

develop future innovators with focus on finding sustainable solutions


Current Programs

We work with local institutions.

Currently we are testing out the effectiveness of showing these images and videos at schools in India (in state of Maharashtra, where the language of instruction is not English).